#WorldWide100Challenge — Ghana — 34/100

Hey! Do you remember the WorldWide100Challenge? It’s been a long time since our last blog series was published. But don’t worry, we have a new story for you.

Today, Akpene Ozuame, an international student from Ghana is going to tell us about her experience in the UK: the reason she is living in the country, what she likes the most about it and so on. Keep reading to know more.

“ Hi all, my name is Akpene Ozuame and my nationality is Ghanaian from Western Africa. I am currently pursuing a two-year MSc programme in Management and Business Analytics at Nottingham Trent University hopefully with placement for the second year.

The academic year for my master's programme started a couple of weeks ago but I must say it has been intense these past weeks. I am overwhelmed each day with the level of information and tasks to be done and I am still trying to catch my breath. However, if you are on top of your work and do not procrastinate you will be fine. You will study and you will love studying because it's interactive, all student ideas and opinions are welcome. “There is no wrong answer” we are always told by the tutors. You will develop skills and gather experiences both within lecture halls and outside them because no aspect of educating is left out. From your academics to social life to the mental aspect and emotional wellbeing as well. You name it! There is something for everything.

Before I enrolled on my masters I underwent a year of pre-masters at Nottingham Trent International College so I can say I experienced the well-known night-life as a student in Nottingham before Covid-19. During that period, after a successful college submission, there was always a night out of activities like bowling or clubbing and other times just for drinks and to chat. Recently, I stay home and binge watch some of my favourite shows or explore the city with my sister. However, be rest assured it is not all lost because the university and student union provides all sort of activities and sessions online to help with socializing during these difficult times.

I cannot exclude my favourite things about the UK. First on this list is the return policy, it is the best. Another favourite is the different languages I hear every day on the streets and try to make sense where the person might be from. It gives me the realization of how the world is indeed a big place and there are so many things to do and places to see. I also admire the availability of information so you can hardly get lost because everything is in order and named. My least favourite thing is the cold and constant rains which is no surprise as that is an already known established fact, but it is not difficult to get used to it.

Unfortunately, I have only visited London which was a short same-day return trip. I hope to visit a typical countryside soon away from the city scenery. Other cities I would love to visit include Brighton because there is a beach, Edinburgh as I have heard its beautiful, Northampton and so many more.

And last but not least, I must say that I came to the UK to study full of uncertainties, but it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Apart from the fact that the country has one of the best educational systems in the world, the exposure has really been life-changing. I see myself changing and developing each day in terms of confidence and independence and look forward to more.”

Hope you liked hearing her story as much as we did. Stay tuned because we’ll come back soon with more student experiences!!

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