Should I study abroad?

In short — yes.

There are so many advantages of studying abroad, either on an exchange or taking a full course in a foreign country.
In this article we’ll briefly try to convince you that’s the best decision you can ever make.


First of all, you get to improve your language skills. There is a big chance you had English classes in your previous education, but how often did you actually have a chance to use English in your home country?

Moving to the UK might be a great decision if you want to improve your English.

English language opens many doors around the as we know, and might be a great plus if you have an English university in your CV when applying for jobs anywhere in the world.

Job hunt

Speaking of jobs, studying abroad subtly shows you possess soft skills that are highly valuable in the job market. That means you are flexible and adaptive to new environments, capable of moving, living independently and managing every step of the way yourself. Even if it’s a semester abroad, or a placement in a foreign company, foreign experience means a lot these days. And remember, if you choose to study in the UK and then take part in an exchange programme, that’s double mobility already!

Exchange programmes

As mentioned above, UK universities offer a wide range of international exchange experiences. One of them is Erasmus, the European exchange of students which will be active in the UK for another year or two after Brexit. Luckily, UK universities have hundreds of partners in the rest of the world that are not affected by Brexit. You get to spend a year (or a semester) abroad with possible funding. Most of the faculties have partners in the USA, Canada, Australia and China. Other countries are subject to partnership agreements of particular universities. If exchange programmes are of big importance to you you might want to check the university’s partnerships before applying.

Global friendships

Whichever type of mobility you’ve chosen, international friendships is what stays with you after the mobility has ended. The UK is home to so many nationalities, it’s hard even to count. You get to meet internationals at every step of the way. And once you all go your own ways, you will most likely have a place to stay in every corner of the world.

And we’re here to help you with all of the above mentioned possibilities! Feel free to ask us whatever it is you want to know, and we’ll make sure you choose the right option.

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